Dear Colleague,

Graduate School USA’s team enjoyed connecting with you at the TOC Annual Institute. Each year, we look forward to reconnecting with friends in the training community and meeting those of you who are “first-timers” to this organization.

The School’s partnership with the Consortium goes back more than twenty years, and it continues to expand our understanding of the issues that matter to our clients and students. Our staff are learning from you all the time, and we deeply value these connections.

As a long-time learning partner to government, we understand the unique challenges and requirements of the public service workforce. We continuously update our curriculum to reflect changing needs and legislation to ensure you and your team members are getting up-to-the-minute training that prepares them for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

If you’d like to talk more about what Graduate School USA has to offer, or you have specific questions about our curriculum, you can reach me by phone at (202) 314-3639 and by email at I look forward to working with you.

Best wishes,

Al Tyree