Graduate School USA is where the government goes for audit training. We are committed to delivering comprehensive solutions that can help you improve organizational performance, achieve your training objectives, and advance your career. In keeping with our commitment, we have developed two new auditing courses:

Federal Appropriations Law for Auditors
Upcoming Dates in Washington, DC: October 29-30, December 10-11, and January 22-23, 2020
Updated for the current Yellow Book, using the GAO’s Principles of Federal Appropriations Law (the “Red Book”), this course gives audit professionals basic knowledge of the propriety in the application and flow of funds, from the original sources, to their ultimate uses, highlighting particular areas as “Auditor Alerts” and red flags to potential Antideficiency violations. These include principles or helpful hints for areas and activities where auditors are most likely to find that financial management and operating personnel have run afoul of appropriations law rules. This course covers case studies, along with deciding opinions, and is essential for all career levels of auditors, evaluators and analyst.

Effective Audit Resolution, Follow-up and Implementation
Upcoming Dates: October 30-31 (Washington, DC), November 12-13 (Atlanta), November18-19 (Denver), and January 22-23, 2020 (Washington, DC)
Audit resolution, follow-up, implementation, and reporting is a shared responsibility between the audit organization, the auditee organization follow-up coordinator, and action officials.
This responsibility is described in a variety of laws and OMB Circulars to provide a basis for accountability of the audited entities in responding to audit recommendations, reaching resolution, and implementing the agreed upon corrective actions to reduce the risk of loss, and improve operational performance and financial integrity in all levels of government. This course will explore the statutes, guidance, and standards for audit recommendations, resolution, follow-up progress, monitoring, and reporting.

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