Thank you for attending the “Auditor Readiness Workshop” with Rhudy Tennant on January 12, in New York City. We appreciate your participation, and invite you to download our Auditor Core Competencies PDF — a simple, yet comprehensive, business tool that helps you gauge your current level of mastery and identify your needs for future training.

A trusted learning partner to the City of New York since 1992, Graduate School USA provides training and development services designed to support the professional performance and career success of individuals in the public sector.

Many of Graduate School USA's courses, particularly those in acquisition, auditing, and financial management offer continuing professional education credit (CPE) Keep up-to-date in relevant areas and expand your communication and negotiation skills; study program and project management; or explore HR analytics, business analysis, and much more.

We look forward to working with you again.

Best Wishes,

Al Tyree
Director, Business Relations

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