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The national health crisis has brought many changes and a demand for innovative solutions by the federal workforce. To help address these challenges, Graduate School USA (GSUSA) will present “Today’s
Federal Workforce: Gleaning from
the Past to Create Organizational Success,”
a series of webcasts that uses our W. Edwards Deming Outstanding Training Award Program

as a springboard for bridging current challenges with past successful
Deming-winning solutions.

Join us and hear from federal
government teams
who will be showcasing their Deming
Award-winning projects.
These virtual events will provide the federal
workforce with informative,
trailblazing, and inspirational solutions
that illustrate the strength and power
of adhering to high quality standards
― especially during times of national

October 14, 2020: “Preserving Organizational Quality During a
Crisis,” Presented by Steve Haedrich,
The Deming Institute

October 29, 2020: Social Security
Administration, Continuous Quality
(CQ) Area Director Review Process
Team, 2016 Deming Award Winner

November 5, 2020: Social Security Administration OBM Training and Development Program, 2017 Deming Award Winner

November 10, 2020: Federal Aviation Administration Engagement Captains; Social Security Administration Office of Hearings Operations, Quality Review Branch (QRB), 2018 Deming Award Winners

November 19, 2020: U.S. Court of
Appeals for the Federal Circuit, Clerk’s Office; U.S. Department of Veterans
Affairs, Acquisition Academy Supply
Chain Management School; Small
Business Administration, Office of
Inspector General, 2019 Deming
Award Winners

Registration details are coming soon.
Mark your calendars TODAY!

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