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Building effective professional relationships is even more critical now, as we continue to adjust to working in virtual environments. How we engage with one another can determine the success of these new or already established relationships.

Learn the skills that promote effective relationship building, while
understanding the behaviors that may
be hindering them in Graduate School USA’s virtual instructor-led online
courses, “Building Effective
Organizational Relationships: A Supervisor’s Rx”
(September 8-9)
and “Building Effective Organizational Relationships: An Employee’s Rx” (September 10-11). During these
two-day interactive courses, you will:

  • • Discuss factors unique to the
    current work environment;
  • • Determine how relationships can
    be compromised;
  • • Understand yourself via the Social Styles Inventory; and
  • • Build a foundation that promotes
    positive professional relationships.

Whatever your place in your
organization, relationships matter.
Register today and get the
training to help you succeed in your
workplace ― from Graduate School USA!

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