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GSUSA Your training partner since 1921!

When it comes to the success of your federal human resources program, data analysis and evidence-based decision making isn’t just essential,
its critical.

As the leader in federal human resources management training, Graduate School USA has developed
a suite of accredited courses to give
HR practitioners and leaders, management and program analysts,
and others a strong foundation in strategic human capital management concepts, principles, and best practices:

These virtual courses are based on
OPM's Human Capital Framework,
and, taken together, will give you a
well-rounded mastery of skills to
collect, assess, and analyze HR data
align workforce planning with your
agency's mission; and use metrics to identify needs and outcomes and
measure progress toward identified

Get the training to lead your agency to success from the leader in federal
human resources management
training ― Graduate School USA!

It's About YOU!

Additional Upcoming Virtual HR Courses:


Behavioral Job Interviewing to Hire
the Best

Fair Labor Standards Act

Federal Employee Relations (Intermediate)

Federal Human Resources Management

Federal Performance Management

Job Analysis and Assessment Development

Internal Consulting Skills for Federal
HR Professionals

Personnel Security Adjudication

Personnel Security and Suitability Adjudication

Position Classification for Supervisors and Administrative Staff

Pre-Retirement Planning

Qualifications Analysis

Security Specialist Course

Strategic Human Capital Management

Understanding the Personnel Security Program

Build the Skills for Success!

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