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Did you miss Graduate School USA’s complimentary webinar, “Managing Federal Year-End Spending”? If so, it is now available on demand.

Get the tools to get it right at year-end! Learn the ins and outs associated with federal year-end spending, how to avoid being “at risk” personally and financially, and how to correctly spend federal funds by addressing fundamental principles of Appropriations Law, including:

As the end of the federal fiscal year approaches, don’t miss your opportunity to gain a greater understanding of key issues.

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Upcoming Virtual Financial Management Courses:


Advanced Appropriations Law

Antideficiency Act

Appropriations Law for Reimbursements, Revolving Funds, and User Fees

Budget Execution

Budget Formulation

Budget Justification and Presentation

Congressional Budget Process

Decision Support Analytics

Defense Working Capital Funds

DoD Fiscal Law Principles

Federal Accounting Standards

Federal Appropriations Law

Federal Budget Analysis Using Microsoft Excel

Federal Budgeting, Execution, and Accounting: The Relationship

Federal Budget Process

Federal Budgeting for Non-Budgeting Personnel

Federal Financial Systems & Policies

Government Standard General Ledger

Introduction to Federal Accounting

Introduction to Federal Budgeting

Introduction to Financial Management

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