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GSUSA Your training partner since 1921!

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Do you want a new level of training to help ensure successful grants outcomes and a new level of understanding and success? Let Graduate School USA (GSUSA) help you build the skills and knowledge to get you there.

GSUSA’s Grants Management curriculum includes virtual instructor-led online courses for the federal, state, and local grants workforce, focusing on the Office of Personnel Management’s Competency Model for Grants Management-General and Technical.

In addition, our Grants Management courses will help you identify and apply key work behaviors and knowledge-based skills that outline a broad forward progression for grants and associated fields, including accountability, oral and written communications, reasoning, creativity, performance and
organizational change.

We also offer a Certificate of Accomplishment in Grants Management, which will broaden your technical knowledge, including Program and Management Analysis, Communication and Professional Skills, and Leadership and Management.

Get the training to do your job with excellence and take your grants management skills ― and career ― to the next level, with Graduate School USA!

It's About YOU!

Upcoming Virtual Instructor-Led Online Courses:


Grants Management
Effective Grants Manager

Grants Performance Management
and Monitoring

Introduction to Grants Management

Communication and Professional Skills
Clear Writing through Critical Thinking

Constructive Conflict Resolution

Editing for Impact

Effective Communication with Customers

Executive Writing

Fundamentals of Writing

Grammar for Professionals

Interpersonal Communications

Managing Multiple Priorities

Program & Management Analysis
Cost Benefit Analysis Workshop

Data Analysis & Storytelling

Data Collection Methods

Designing an Analytical Study

Descriptive Statistics for Data Analysis

Inferential Statistics for Data Analysis

Management Analysis: Overview

Requirements Analysis, Solution Assessment and Validation

Tools for Management Analysis

Leadership and Management
Decision Making and Problem Solving

Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

From Peer to Leader: Successfully Navigating the Transition

Introduction to Management

Introduction to Supervision

Leadership Communication

Leading Teams and Groups

Leadership Essentials

Build the Skills for Success!

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