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GSUSA Your training partner since 1921!

Continuous learning is the key to continuous success — for your career and your agency’s mission.

Graduate School USA’s Certificate Programs provide extensive training and deep knowledge in areas relevant to professionals at all stages of their careers. Designed around proven content and mapped to federal core competencies, our accredited Virtual Instructor-Led Online courses use an integrated approach that facilitates skill mastery, incorporating dynamic activities that challenge participants and introduce them to real-world career situations.

Certificates are offered in the following areas:

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Upcoming Virtual Instructor-Led Online Courses:



Assessing Controls
in Performance Audit

Basic Governmental Auditing

Compliance Auditing

Data Analytics: Tools and Techniques

Emotionally Intelligent Auditor

Using Metrics to Assess Performance

Written Communication for Auditors

Communication and Professional Skills

Editing for Impact

Executive Writing

Facilitator Workshop

Fundamentals of Writing

Grammar for Professionals

Instructional Design Essentials

Interpersonal Communications

Financial Management

Antideficiency Act

Budget Formulation

Congressional Budget Process

Federal Budgeting for Non-Budgeting Personnel

Introduction to Federal Budgeting

Introduction to Financial Management

Planning, Budgeting and Performance Measurement

Human Resources Management

Job Analysis and Assessment Development

Managing Employee Conduct and Performance

Mid-Career Retirement Planning
(FERS Only Participants)

Pay Setting: Federal Wage System

Pay Setting: General Schedule

Position Classification for Supervisors and Administrative Staff

Pre-Retirement Planning
(CSRS Participants Only)

Leadership and Management

Coaching Skills for Today’s Leaders

Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

From Peer to Leader: Successfully Navigating the Transition

Introduction to Supervision

Leadership Communication

Leading Change

Leading Teams and Groups

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