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GSUSA Your training partner since 1921!

We all know that change is inevitable. Having the most up-to-date training
can be essential to success
in the
ever-changing federal environment.

Graduate School USA is committed to helping organizations successfully navigate change, while staying focused on the
goal ― mission success. In keeping
with our commitment to you, we are offering two virtual instructor-led online change management courses so you
can meet these evolving requirements:

“Change Management for Leaders: Preparing for an Unknown Future”
is a one-day virtual course to prepare managers or supervisors for changes
that they and their employees may be facing in the workplace. Participants
will learn how to coach employees to successfully weather change
and will
leave this course prepared to help themselves and their employees experience, accept, and thrive in a changing environment.

Employees will be instructed on how to
prepare for changes that they may be facing in the workplace in the one-day virtual course “Change Management: Preparing for an Unknown Future.” Students will be allowed to consider
past and future change experiences
and to practice applying the six steps
to prepare for change.

“Register TODAY to learn the
strategies to achieve mission success

in a time of change ― from Graduate School USA!

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