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GSUSA Your training partner since 1921!

Dear %%firstname%%:

As the nation celebrates its independence in July, there is no
better time to get the training
achieve your career objectives and
your agency’s mission ― with
Graduate School USA.

As your training partner for nearly a
you can rely on us to deliver
the same high-quality learning
experience, virtually, that you have
come to expect in the classroom.
Designed to help you meet your goals,
our portfolio of virtual instructor-led
online courses are taught by
instructors with real-world government experience
, who deliver up-to-date
content that you can immediately use
on the job.

And, if your needs are larger in scope,
we can provide contract training to
meet your agency’s specific

Light the fireworks for your success
and book your training today.

It's About YOU!

Register for one of our virtual instructor-led online courses for the month of July:


Acquisition and Contracting

Advanced COR Workshop

Contracting Basics
for Administrative Personnel

Contracting Basics for CORs

COR Essentials


Analysis Techniques for Auditors

Assessing Controls
in Performance Audits

Basic Governmental Auditing

Contract Auditing

Communication and Professional Skills

Briefing Techniques

Clear Writing through Critical Thinking

Constructive Conflict Resolution

Federal Employee Development

Financial Management

Antideficiency Act

Budget Execution

Federal Appropriations Law

Introduction to Federal Budgeting

Human Resources Management

CSRS and FERS Retirement and Benefits

Federal Employee Benefits

Federal Employee Relations (Basic)

Federal Staffing and Placement

Job Analysis and Assessment Development

Leadership and Management

Coaching Skills for Today’s Leaders

From Peer to Leader: Successfully Navigating the Transition

See the full portfolio of courses here!

Build the Skills for Success!

Graduate School USA
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