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GSUSA Your training partner since 1921!

Do you need practical human
resources training that provides tools
you can immediately use on the job? Graduate School USA (GSUSA), the leader in federal human resources management training, is here to help during these challenging times.

GSUSA’s HR virtual instructor-led
online training
is designed to prepare
you to meet the workforce challenges
you face every day. Courses are
mapped to OPM proficiency levels

and are taught by instructors with
real-world government experience.
You will receive application-specific
training that they can put to use
right away.

As your training partner since 1921,
we provide the solutions that can help
you be successful, as you strive to
achieve your organization’s mission.
No other training organization has a
greater breadth and depth of
knowledge of federal HR
, or the
experience in imparting that

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It's About YOU!

HR Virtual Instructor-Led
Online Courses:


Adverse Conduct
and Performance-Based Actions

Behavioral Job Interviewing to Hire
the Best

Classification Refresher

CSRS and FERS Retirement
and Benefits

EEO for Supervisors and Managers

Federal Employee Development

Federal Employee Relations (Basic)

Federal Employee Relations (Intermediate)

Federal Human Resources Management

Federal Human Resources Management for Supervisors and Managers

Federal Performance Management

Federal Position Management

Federal Staffing and Placement

Federal Workforce Analysis
and Planning

Freedom of Information
and Privacy Acts

Processing Federal Personnel Actions

Qualifications Analysis

Recruitment Strategies
Using Social Media

Security Specialist Course

Strategic Human Capital Management

Writing Federal Position Descriptions

Build the Skills for Success!

Graduate School USA
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