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If you participated in Graduate School USA’s overview webinar on “Managing a Virtual Workforce,” take the opportunity to dive deeper into the content designed to help your team succeed.

With the nation now working remotely, many of today's supervisors and managers are managing a workforce of teleworkers, contractors, remote team members and others they do not see on a daily basis. Our “Managing a Virtual Workforce” virtual instructor-led online course, on May 28, will provide you with more extensive training that you can begin using right away.

You will leave the course one step closer to implementing a successful program to manage a virtual workforce.

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Additional Upcoming Virtual Communication and Professional Skills Courses:


Customer Service Excellence
5/18 – 5/19

Clear Writing through Critical Thinking
5/18 – 5/20
Listening and Memory Development
5/18 – 5/19
Positive Approaches to Difficult People
5/18 – 5/19
Writing for Results
5/18 – 5/19
5/18 – 5/19
Negotiating Techniques
5/19 – 5/20
Government Email Writing
5/20 – 5/20
Critical Thinking
5/20 – 5/21
Communicating for Results
5/21 – 5/22

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