Dear Friend of Graduate School USA,

As your training partner, Graduate School USA (GSUSA) is committed to providing our government customers and students with a learning experience that aligns with both their agency and employee career goals and objectives. In keeping with our commitment and in an effort to conserve the use and consumption of paper, GSUSA is proud to introduce our “Environmental Stewardship Initiative.”

The United States uses approximately 68 million trees each year to produce paper and paper products. The most notable increases in projected wood product consumption by 2060 will be in pulp and paper. Of the emissions from different industries, pulp and paper industries have a significant effect on the environment, including air and water pollution, paper waste chlorine and chlorine-based materials, and greenhouse gas emissions.

The Environmental Protection agency has established the Federal Green Challenge (FCG) under their Sustainable Materials Management Program, challenging EPA and all federal agencies to lead by example in reducing the federal government’s environmental impact. This new initiative will also allow GSUSA to support our customers and their efforts under the FGC to be good environmental stewards.

Our new Environmental Stewardship Initiative will start with three changes:

  • A Paperless system for class evaluations
  • Implementation of a paperless class attendance program
  • Distribution of class certificates electronically to students upon completion of their course or program
  • Students will provided step-by-step instructions to facilitate each of these new features upon their first day of class. It is our goal that not only will this new initiative support our nation’s efforts to be better stewards of our environment, it will also provide our customers a more efficient and convenient learning experience.

    Thank you for entrusting GSUSA to deliver comprehensive training solutions to build the skills that can help prepare you for the real-life workforce challenges you face every day. We look forward to continuing to serve you.

    Regina N. Gibbons
    Director, Research, Evaluations, and Records Management
    Graduate School USA